kỷ niệm tiếng anh là gì

Much of his most celebrated work dates from the 1960s when he was an informal chronicler and a seemingly reluctant figurehead of social unrest.

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In 2012, the club celebrated its 15th year since its launch.

Celebrated for her conversational eloquence, she participated actively in the political and intellectual life of her times.

He was celebrated as a hilarious story-teller, and his ties lớn the theater world were many.

Nearly all his compositions have been reproduced by celebrated engravers.

To remember is the conscious "recollection" of many vivid contextual details, such as when and how the information was learned.

The hippocampus plays a prominent role in recollection whereas familiarity depends heavily on the surrounding medial-temporal regions, especially the perirhinal cortex.

This occurs because one's current knowledge influences the recollection of previous beliefs.

According lớn the recollections of his students, his lectures sometimes deviated from the formal rhetorical style and took on a more familiar character.

Unfortunately, his documents were confiscated lớn protect territorial secrets and his later recollections were rambling and not of high quality.

Cook carved his initials in a tree that was destroyed in a 1905 bushfire and is now commemorated by a plaque.

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Prominent gnomes may be commemorated by permanent illusions that function as public sculptures.

One can see the granite plate inside the main entry gate commemorating the start and completion dates and designer.

In a self-reflective gesture, the postal authority also issued a souvenir sheet commemorating its own first stamps.

It commemorates all those who died in armed conflicts or as the victims of violent oppression.

He says there's sadness on this memorial day but pleasure too.

This memorial day and how they did it yesterday was really special.

Today is obviously war on the war memorial day.

He called for a national memorial day for the victims.

It is a memorial day, for memories of someone gone forever.

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