my first job was a sales

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My first job was a sales assistant at a large department store. I wanted to lớn work part–time, because I was still studying at university and I was
only able to lớn work a few nights a week. I came across the advertisement in the local newspaper. I remember the interview as though it were yesterday. The (1)_____ manager sat behind a large desk. He asked bủ various questions which surprised bủ because all I wanted was to lớn work in sales. An hours later, I was told that I had got the job and was given a contract to lớn go over. I was to lớn be trained for ten days before I took my post. Also, as a thành viên of staff, I was (2)_____ to lớn some benefits, including discounts. When I eventually started, I was responsible (3)_____ the toy section. I really enjoyed it there and I oved demonstrating the different toys. I was surprised at how friendly my colleagues were, too. They made working there fun even when we had to lớn giảm giá with customers (4)______ got on our nerves. (5)______ , working there was a great experience which I will never forget

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D. personnel

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Câu 1:

Why is culture important and how does it answer the question “What is cultural identity? ’? Culture is the underlying foundation of traditions and beliefs that help a person relate to lớn the world around then. It is the basis for any superstitions they may have. It is the aversion to lớn (1)_____ types of meat, or which days you can work on. Culture gives us a (2)_____ starting point when beginning to lớn tìm kiếm for our roots. Knowing (3)______ a person comes from will help to lớn define how they look at their family obligations as well as how they celebrate important milestones in life. As a person has given up their cultural identity, they no longer can identify themselves with the things that were (4)______ the most important things in their lives. They lose direction. As time (5)______ by and they continue to lớn forget about their past and their natural traditions, their identity becomes less and less pronounced.

A. especial

B. special

C. specific

D. typical

Câu 2:

Before the 1960’s, Singapore was essentially a trading nation. Since (1)_____ , it has developed a more (2)_____ economy and has become an important financial, trade, and transportation center. Singapore has many banks, (3)_____ firms, and finance companies, as (4)_____ as a stock exchange. Tourism is also important to lớn the economy of Singapore. There is little unemployment in Singapore. The country’s annual
income per capita (per person) is one of the highest in Asia. The government of Singapore plays a major role in the country’s economy. For example, it decides what benefits, such as vacation time and sick leave, must be provided for workers by employers. It also operates an employment agency to lớn help people find jobs, and it provides (5)______ for retired workers

A. then

B. time

C. that

D. age

Câu 3:

Culture gives us a (2)_____ starting point when beginning to lớn tìm kiếm for our roots.

A. definitive

B. definite

C. definition

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D. definitively

Câu 4:

It seems entirely natural to lớn us that there are teams of scientists in universities and (1)_____ institutions around the world, attempting to
discover the way the world works. (2)_____ , it hasn’t always been that way. Although the scientific method is now four or five hundred years old, the ancient Greeks, for example, believed that they could (3)_____ the causes of natural events just by the power of thought. During the 17 century, more and more people began to lớn realize that they could test their scientific ideas by designing a relevant experiment
and seeing what happened. A lot of (4)_____ was made in this way by individual scientists. These men and women often worked alone,
carrying out research into many different areas of science, and they often received very little (5)_____ for their hard work. At the start of the
20 century, thought, it became clearthat science was becoming more complicated and more expensive. This individual scientist disappeared,
to be replaced by highly qualified teams of experts. Modem science was born.

A. another

B. every

C. other

D. whole

Câu 5:

It can take a long time to lớn become successful in your chosen field, however talented you are. One thing you have to lớn be aware of is that
you will face criticism along the way. The world is full of people who would rather say something negative phàn nàn positive. If you’ve made up your (1) to lớn achieve a certain goal, such as writing a novel, don’t let the negative criticism of others prevent you from reaching your target, and let the (2) criticism have a positive effect on your work. If someone says you’re totally lacking in talent, ignore them. That’s negative criticism. If, (3) , someone advises you to lớn revise your work and gives you good reasons for doing so sánh, you should (4) their suggestions very carefully. There’re many movie stars who were once out of work. There’re many famous novelists who made a complete trash of their first novel – or who didn’t, but had to lớn put off approaching hundreds of publishers before they could get it published. Being successful does depend on luck, to lớn a (5) . But things are more likely giảm giá with well if you persevere and stay positive.

A. mind

B. brain

C. thought

D. idea

Câu 6:

Knowing (3)______ a person comes from will help to lớn define how they look at their family obligations as well as how they celebrate important milestones in life.

A. by which

B. how

C. when

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D. where