references in the examination room

The American Practical Navigator (“Bowditch”)

Years ago a successful candidate for the Master Unlimited Oceans credential and his wife named their new-born son Nathaniel as homage vĩ đại Nathaniel Bowditch, author of The American Practical Navigator and the knowledge whisperer long used by people taking US Coast Guard exams. Nathaniel is now over 30 years of age yet the 1981 edition of Volume II of “Bowditch” still sustains candidates. There are newer editions of the American Practical Navigator but none as useful as the 1981 Volume II. For years the book was available only in dusty old bookstores or via online sellers. More recently reproductions could be found through nautical bookstores. However now the book can be accessed directly from the National Maritime Center.

1981 American Practical Navigator Volume II

More Examination References

In addition vĩ đại Bowditch, NMC has clean downloadable copies of the following references found in the examination room:

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  • Publication 102: International Code of Signals (2005)
  • Publication 117: Radio Navigational Aids (2007)
  • Light List Volume V: Mississippi River System (2012)
  • Publication 229: Volume 2 Sight Reduction Tables (Latitudes 15-30)
  • National Weather Service Observing Handbook 1
  • Light List and Coast Pilot Extracts
  • Chemical Data Guide
  • Tide and Tidal Current Table Extracts
  • Stability Data Reference Book, including Blue Pages, SS American Mariner and SS Northland
  • 1981 Nautical Almanac
  • Operating Manual for Deep Driller (MODU exams)
  • Operating Manual for Coastal Driller (MODU exams)
  • Loading Manual for MV Grand Haven (Great Lakes exams)
  • Reprints from pre-2016 46 CFR for Portable Fire Extinguishing Equipment (newer editions of CFRs use a different naming system for the equipment)
  • Link vĩ đại Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (eCFR) for Title 33 Parts 1 – 199 (Navigation & Navigation Safety Regulations)
  • Link vĩ đại eCFR for Title 46 Parts 1 – 199 (Shipping)
  • Link vĩ đại eCFR for Title 49 Parts 100 – 177 (Transportation)

What’s Not Available

The charts used for the Deck Examinations (Chesapeake Bay – 12221TR, Long Island Sound – 12354TR, Block Island Sound – 13205TR) are not available online nor are the Illustration Books for the Deck and Engine Exams. Nonetheless, as we’ll show in a subsequent post, the amount of information found in the books that are there is staggering.