she started working as a secretary five years ago

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet vĩ đại indicate the correct answer vĩ đại each of the questions from 36 vĩ đại 42.   The goal of Internet-based encyclopedia Wikipedia ( is vĩ đại give everyone on the planet access vĩ đại information. Like other encyclopedias, Wikipedia contains lots of information: more phàn nàn 2.5 million articles in 200 different languages covering just about every subject. Unlike other encyclopedias, however, Wikipedia is not written by experts, but by ordinary people. These writers are not paid and their names are not published. They contribute vĩ đại Wikipedia simply because they want vĩ đại share their knowledge.   Encyclopedias began in ancient times as collections of writings about all aspects of human knowledge. The word itself comes from ancient Greek, and means “a complete general education”. Real popularity for encyclopedias came in the nineteenth century in Europe and the United States, with the publication of encyclopedias written for ordinary readers. With the invention of the CD-ROM, the same amount of information could be put on a few computer discs. Then with the Internet, it became possible vĩ đại create an online encyclopedia that could be constantly updated, lượt thích Microsoft’s Encarta. However, even Internet-based encyclopedias lượt thích Encarta were written by paid experts. At first, Wikipedia, the brainchild of Jimmy Wales, a businessman in Chicago, was not so sánh different from these. In 2001, he had the idea for an Internet-based encyclopedia that would provide information quickly and easily vĩ đại everyone. Furthermore, that information would be available miễn phí, unlike other Internet encyclopedias at that time.   But Wales, lượt thích everyone else, believed that people with special knowledge were needed vĩ đại write the articles, and so sánh he began by hiring experts. He soon changed his approach, however, as it took them a long time vĩ đại finish their work. He decided vĩ đại open up the encyclopedia in a radical new way, so sánh that everyone would have access not only vĩ đại the information, but also vĩ đại the process of putting this information online. To vì thế this, he used what is known as “Wiki” software (from the Hawaiian word for “fast”), which allows users vĩ đại create or alter nội dung on trang web page. The system is very simple: When you open the trang web site, you can simply tìm kiếm for information or you can log on vĩ đại become a writer or editor of articles. If you find an article that interests you – about your hometown, for example – you can correct it or expand it. This process goes on until no one is interested in making any more changes.Question: The word “brainchild” in the second paragraph of the passage can be best replaced by______.