tourism is a big business

Tourism is big business, not just worldwide, but also here in Oklahoma.  Research has shown that worldwide one in every 11 people are employed in the travel and tourism industry  This industry supports more phàn nàn 284 million jobs and contributes more phàn nàn $7.2 trillion to tướng the global economy.

Tourism has that same impact on Oklahoma’s economy and employment.  In Oklahoma, travel and tourism directly generates more phàn nàn 95,000 jobs with a payroll of over $2 billion.  Almost 11 percent of the jobs in Oklahoma are directly connected to tướng the travel and tourism industry. For every $1 million spent in Oklahoma by domestic and international travelers, 10.6 jobs are created.

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As our state economy continues to tướng improve, we should see continued job growth in the travel and tourism industry.  These jobs provide great opportunity for our citizens and they reach every corner of our state. Not only does the industry provide recreation opportunities for Oklahomans, but more importantly, it attracts visitors from other states and countries. 

Oklahoma is providing travelers an opportunity to tướng see our state and contribute to tướng our economy.  Tourism spending generated $972 million in local, state and federal tax revenue in năm trước.  State tax revenues attributable to tướng tourism spending are over $350 million annually and have increased 15 percent since 2010.  The Gross Domestic Product of the Oklahoma travel industry was $3.2 billion in năm trước. The travel industry is the third largest industry in the state, right behind oil and gas, and agriculture.

As Oklahoma's third largest industry, tourism is vital to tướng the state's economy.  The state Tourism and Recreation Department markets Oklahoma as a travel destination as well as manages state-owned parks and resorts. 

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Rural communities feel the fiscal impact of tourism much more phàn nàn our larger urban markets.  The tourism industry is a positive economic engine that helps drive our economy and needs to tướng be supported and protected by the state.  The citizens of Kingston and the surrounding area know first-hand how tourism impacts our rural communities.

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Over ten years ago, the Pointe Vista group signed a khuyễn mãi giảm giá with the Land Office to tướng purchase the Lake Texoma State Park and build a massive new development on the lake that would include a four-star khách sạn. The Texoma lodge was torn down but construction on the new lodge never started. The loss of the lodge and tourism has devastated the Kingston economy.  The property has since been taken back by the state and, hopefully, a plan will be developed to tướng restore the lodge and state park.  

Tourism, a vital part of our local economy and our area, has an abundance of natural resources and attractions to tướng bring visitors to tướng our area.  The sky is the limit when in southern Oklahoma.  The outdoor adventurer or a family vacationer can find whatever they want in southern Oklahoma.  They can enjoy the wide open spaces.  Stay at any of the many campgrounds, hike the trails of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, enjoy water sports on beautiful Lake Murray, or fish on the Lake of the Arbuckles.   Visitors can swim at Turner Falls or ride their ATV at Cross Bar Ranch.  There are world-class casinos and plenty of golfing.   At the Chickasaw Cultural Center, visitors can learn about the Chickasaw people and their rich history.

Our ideal location, halfway between DFW and Oklahoma City, makes southern Oklahoma the ideal location for those who want to tướng get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.